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Article: Transform your room using a statement chandelier

Transform your room using a statement chandelier

Sometimes all you need is a show-stopping focal point when decorating your room.

Chandeliers play the leading role incredibly well but are sometimes considered too formal, suitable only for grand spaces or even gaudy (we’ll admit that there are a few of those around but just trust us). 

Something with such style authority shouldn’t be discounted too readily.

A statement chandelier is one of the best ways to add design elements to your home; they draw attention and bring boldness to a room.

We’ve put together our top rooms to transform by using a statement chandelier.

Dining room chandeliers

If there’s one room where a chandelier is most expected, it’s the dining room—so we say try something a little offbeat. 

A crystal-encrusted ship, a multi-arm modernist fixture, a cluster of glass “bubbles”: These playful designs are true conversation pieces—and will lend an air of wit and whimsy to every meal.

Living room chandeliers

beautiful ball shaped chandelier from Luxury Lighting Boutique


Subtle ceiling mounts are perfectly fine for a living space, but there’s no denying the decorative presence of a chandelier. 

Create a true talking point in your home with a statement piece in the room most of your hosting might occur in. A chandelier is sure to fascinate your guests.

Kitchen chandeliers

Offset the sleek lines and utilitarian finishes of a kitchen with a playful, sculptural chandelier. 

If you have space, hang a larger chandelier for beautiful impact.

You can bring life and character to your kitchen, especially a big and spacious one, with a dazzling and unique chandelier lighting. It is a piece of art that can act as the centrepiece of your room. Your space will never look boring and dull. A simple chandelier can create an air of romance and glamour in your kitchen, making it look more elegant.

Bedroom chandeliers

Nothing says “master suite” like a truly fabulous light fixture. High ceilings can handle oversize, tiered designs.

One must-have with any style? A dimmer switch: Harsh overhead light has no place in your sleep space.

Bathroom chandeliers

A show-stopping chandelier is a sure way to up the luxe factor of your bath. With intricate designs and beautiful style, a chandelier can elevate even the most uninspiring of bath fixtures. And hung over a fabulous freestanding tub? Simply stunning.

Hallway chandeliers

Icicle shaped modern chandelier from Luxury Lighting Boutique


What better place for a grand statement than the hallway? Make the most of a tall ceiling with a large-scale piece, such as this crystal sparkler, which signals guests to expect major style ahead. 

Even in a pint-size apartment, a chandelier can be just the dash of drama needed to make a makeshift foyer feel like a grand entrance.

Chandeliers provide greater light coverage

If you want the light to spread throughout your room evenly, then a chandelier is a perfect choice. Chandeliers give a room ambient light and reach areas and spaces that other light sources cannot cover.

Are you redecorating an old home? Are you furnishing a new one? Now is the perfect time to install an attractive and beautiful chandelier in your home. Chandelier lighting can easily transform a simple home into a special space that creates a stunning impact.

Ready to purchase a chandelier?

Exterior view of Luxury Lighting Boutique showroom in Stockbridge, Edinburgh

We hope this has helped you to narrow down your search for the perfect lighting. If you’d like more information or to book an appointment, please contact us.

Our full chandelier collection can be viewed on our website.

Read our cheat sheet on how to choose the right size of chandelier for your space.

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