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Article: Choosing the best staircase chandelier for your hotel

Choosing the best staircase chandelier for your hotel Luxury Lighting Boutique

Choosing the best staircase chandelier for your hotel

If you have a beautiful home or hotel with a gorgeous open staircase, it’s worth considering a staircase chandelier.

You might think ‘antiquated’ and ‘Titanic’ when you hear the word chandelier, but modern chandeliers come in a wide range of stunning designs and unique styles.

Adding a chandelier to your aesthetic is a great way to showcase your own desired style and design.


If you’re on a quest to find the perfect staircase chandelier for your hotel, these tips can help you.

Choosing the right effect

Modern crystal chandelier by Luxury Lighting Boutique - icicle pendants


Do you know what mood you’re trying to create? Is the chandelier going to be the wow factor as guests arrive at your hotel?

Some hoteliers view their chandelier as more of a design accent, while others view it as a showstopping lighting source. Whatever your goal is, we have a stunning range of chandeliers to choose from.

Choosing a style

Close up of sparkling crystal chandelier.


There are chandeliers to fit any hotel’s aesthetic. Sometimes the problem is defining what that aesthetic is. 

Take a look around your hotel and find a way to put your style into words.

Is your hotel modern? Traditional? Industrial?

Take a photo of your staircase and ask your friends what they think your hotel looks like.

Lighting style

Ball shaped crystal chandelier by Luxury Lighting Boutique

Picking a chandelier isn't just about design. It's about lighting, too. 

Each chandelier casts light in a different way, and this should help to inform your choice. 

Determine if you want to spread a wide, diffused light or create more of a spotlight focus.

Some chandeliers have dimming capabilities. If that's something you want, be sure to include it in your shopping criteria.

Gain perspective

Modern ceiling pendant by Luxury Lighting Boutique

If your chandelier is above the staircase, guests will see it from a variety of angles. Think about how you want it to look from the entrance as well as upstairs. 

If you have a window in front of your staircase, how do you want the chandelier to look from outside?

Chandelier size

Diagram on how to measure your room for the right size of crystal chandelier


Now that you have a basic idea of the design you want, it's time to think about the practical aspects. Your room size and staircase size makes an important difference in the size of the chandelier you should buy.

Small chandeliers can get lost in large rooms, while large chandeliers can overwhelm small spaces. The right chandelier is proportional to the height and width of the room as well as the furniture.

There are some key rules of thumb to use to determine your chandelier size. One trick is to add the length and width of your room in feet and add them together. That total is the diameter your chandelier should be in inches.

Read our chandelier cheat sheet here.


Ceiling load capacity

traditional crystal chandelier by Luxury Lighting Boutique


The last thing you want to do is buy a chandelier and find that your ceiling won't support it. 

To get a definitive limit, you may need to reach out to our team for help.


Last notes

Installing a chandelier or having a professional install it can feel like a feat on its own. Don't forget that you still need to access the chandelier from time to time.

Plan a way to clean your chandelier and replace the bulbs as needed. 

This can be difficult with a staircase chandelier, but some chandeliers are easier to manage than others.

Some hoteliers use this as a reason to get an LED chandelier. LED bulbs last far longer than other types of bulbs, so you won't need to access your chandelier as often.

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