Chandelier Cheat Sheet: How to choose the right size

Chandeliers are a statement of style, sophistication, and grace. Bringing out the best in well-decorated rooms, these hanging masterpieces can help to take your home to the next level of decadence.


If you’re not sure what style of chandelier you want yet, take a look at our lighting collections for inspiration.


We’ve put together this blog to help you choose the right size of designer chandelier to add ambience and style to your home.


Small chandeliers can get lost in large rooms, while large chandeliers can overwhelm small spaces. The right chandelier is proportional to the height and width of the room as well as the furniture.


Choosing the diameter size of a chandelier


 diagram showing you how to measure your room for a chandelier

To get the ideal diameter of your chandelier for the chosen room, measure the length and the width of the room in feet. Add those numbers for your optimum size in inches.


Example: 15 feet (room length) + 7 feet (room width) = 22 inches


Choosing the height of a chandelier


 diagram showing you how to measure your room for a chandelier

To choose the right height size of your chandelier, multiply the height of the room (in feet) by 2.5 or 3. The resulting number is the best size for your room height (in inches).


This simple ratio uses 2.5 inches of chandelier height per 1 foot of room height. This means that for a standard eight-foot-high ceiling, you’ll want a chandelier with a height of around 20 inches. For visually-light chandeliers, you can up the ratio to 3:1 (multiply by 3)


Example: 8 feet (room height) x 2.5 (ratio) = 20 inches.


Hanging your chandelier above an open floor


 diagram showing that your new chandelier should be 7.5 feet away from the floor

If you’re planning to hang your chandelier above an open floor, you ideally want it to be 7.5 feet away from the floor. You can sometimes get away with 7 feet but think about your space and functionality.


Hanging your chandelier above a dining table


diagram on how to hand a chandelier above a dining table

If you’re looking to set the scene at your dining table, it’s a great idea to hang a chandelier above it. For space and functionality, you’ll want your chandelier to be between 30 and 36 inches away from the top of the table.


Do these rules always work?


Of course, sometimes the rule-of thumb needs to be a little broken. Different room-types will benefit from different chandelier styles. For example, you might want your chandelier to hang in a staircase or in a long hallway. Our team at Luxury Lighting Boutique are on-hand to help you choose the perfect chandelier for your home. Drop us an email to discuss. Most of our chandeliers’ dimensions are displayed in metric form rather than imperial, click on this link to take you to Google’s imperial to metric calculator.  


Good-to-know: Room Types


Here’s a brief overview of room-types and our tip for each:

Dining Room

  • Warm and inviting
  • Not too overbearing

Living Room

  • A stand-out centrepiece
  • Radiate as a tasteful statement


  • Soft and comforting
  • A dimmer switch for calm lighting


  • A statement piece
  • An introduction to your home


  • Warm and homely
  • Practical and natural


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