The World’s Most Iconic Chandeliers

Throughout history, chandeliers have been associated with the highest levels of glamour and status. They have always been a symbol of wealth and fine taste and, for many, they even represent something tangible to aspire to.

As modern chandeliers have evolved through technology, fashion, and taste, there are some lighting pieces that have built a reputation for standing out amongst the crowd and are now renowned across the world for their iconic beauty. Let’s take a look at the world’s most iconic chandeliers, and see which designs can be beautifully mirrored by our own vast range of exquisite lighting designs.

St Petersburg's St Peter and Paul Cathedral

This spectacular, colourful chandelier can be found in the St Peter and Paul Cathedral in St Petersburg, Russia. Whilst few of our homes will mimic these grand pillars, archways, and heavily detailed frescoes adorning each wall, there is something incredibly attractive about the sheer volume of crystals and the vibrancy of the central element. No wonder the Cathedral receives over 4 million visitors every year.

We can supply and fit your own chandelier.  The Regency by Lobmeyr has similar characteristics to this one.

Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul

The bohemian crystal chandelier in the Istanbul Dolmabahce, is one of the world’s most iconic of light fixtures, with 750 lights and weighing around 4.5 tons. Presented to Sultan Abdulmecid by Queen Victoria, it offers a great feel for beauty, elegance, and magnificence for all who stand in its presence.

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New York Metropolitan Opera House

Built during the 1960s, the lobby of the New York Metropolitan Opera House is artistically lit with 11 dramatic Swarovski crystal chandeliers. The auditorium is also lit with twenty one matching chandeliers. Today, these fixtures have turned out to be iconic displays of this Opera House. The design was influenced by the International Space Race and it resembles a constellation of moons as well as satellites that spray out in different directions – which has often resulted in the clusters being identified as the 'sputniks'.

For your own space inspired chandelier, why not consider the Explosion Chandelier by Luxxu?

White House, Washington DC, USA


The East Room chandeliers in the White House were commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902, during a major renovation. They were made by the firm Christoph Palme & Co., Parchen, from Bohemia (then part of Austria-Hungary), a region renowned for the quality of its glassware.

Our Traditional Crystal Chandelier collection has many similar styles of chandelier. These include the Stockholm 5-Light Crystal Basket Chandelier by Wranovsky and the Traditional 48-Light Crystal Basket Chandelier by Glass LPS. 

Palazzo Ca' Rezzonico, Venice, Italy

The islands of Murano near Venice may be small, but their impact on the history of chandelier making has been phenomenal. Murano glasswares have been some of the most highly coveted since the Middle Ages, and their chandeliers have at some point adorned the palaces and residences of nearly every major European aristocrat. Murano chandeliers, like the one pictured above, were beautiful floral affairs, inspired by the flamboyance of the Rococo period.

We can offer a similar effect with the colourful Maria Theresa Chandelier by Masiero.

Have we inspired you to invest in a beautiful chandelier?

If you’ve come across a chandelier on your travels that you would like to have replicated for your home, get in touch with our expert lighting design team who would be delighted to discuss your options with you.

Whether you choose to source the same design, go for a similar style, or have a replica made specially, the Luxury Lighting Boutique will guide you through the entire process.