How to create your own luxury hotel getaway at home

Whether travelling to our favourite destination spots will be on the cards this summer or not, we always have the opportunity to tap into the potential of our own homes. Creating your own luxury hotel getaway at home is guaranteed to give you that relaxing resort feeling from the moment you wake up every morning.

Let’s have a look at how to achieve this feel-good atmosphere! 

Outfit your bedroom for instant relaxation


WATERFALL 6-LIGHT WALL SCONCE by LUXXU at Luxury Lighting Boutique


Sleep just seems to come easier when you’re on holiday, doesn’t it? And it's hard to beat that rejuvenating feeling when you wake up well rested. Fortunately, a good night's sleep does not have to be limited to the days when you're away on vacation. Just a few adjustments to your current setup can ensure a far more peaceful sleep – treating every night like it's a vacation!. 

Knowing how to layer your lighting is the key to creating the best luxury lighting for your bedroom. This means finding the right balance between ambient, task, and accent lighting. All luxury resort rooms have this balance, which is what outfits the room for instant relaxation, along with the right choice of complimentary soft furnishings. 

Create a Zen bathroom




Whilst a serene atmosphere is one of the best parts about a luxury getaway, trips to the spa can get pricey (and will be few and far between just now due to lockdown restrictions). Luckily, you can work the system by appropriating your favourite design ideas from fancy upscale bathrooms to use in your own washroom.

To create the magic and spa quality, we recommend using low level LEDs – they will make all the difference to the ambience of the room. Consider wall uplights when lighting a stone or tiled wall behind a freestanding bath, and a statement piece above the tub for that extra wow factor. 

Lounge in luxury with ambient lighting




Decorative cornicing, displaying an antique piece, and creating vignettes on shelving and coffee tables are great ways to instill a grand sense of luxury into your own living room. But what do all luxury getaways have in common? That statement lighting piece in the lobby/ lounge area that immediately sets the tone for the entire resort. 

The living room is usually the first place you lead guests when you’re entertaining. It is also the place you’re likely to spend the most of your down time, so why not invest in it? 

An even layer of ambient lighting can be created in your living room by using a large centralized ceiling fitting such as a stylish chandelier or pendant lamp, track lighting or recessed lamps, or floor lamps.

Dine in splendour 

Modern simple designer chandelier - Luxury Lighting Boutique

Clean lines and simple shapes are distinguishing marks of the luxurious modern interior style and can be easily replicated to your own home. Whether for an intimate dinner for two or a large family gathering, finding the right dining set will make your meal times feel like a delicious getaway.

Because a dining room is used a lot more at night time you can be a little bit more dramatic. The most crucial part of it is lighting. We recommend either a chandelier, a pendant or a series of pendants, hanging relatively low: typically, the bottom of the light fixture should be around 36 inches above the table. 

Extend the glam to the great outdoors


DRYLIGHT IP65 Outdoor CHANDELIER by MASIERO at Luxury Lighting Boutique


When you’re creating your own luxury hotel getaway at home you’ll definitely not want to forget about extending your efforts to the garden. Whether it’s a porch, a patio, or simply a large green space, you can glam up your garden with the right garden furniture, foliage, and even a portable bar cart (for that ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere’ vibe).

When you are considering how to best light your garden / landscape, do remember that a little light goes a long way at night. Lighting key features such as statues or key large trees ensures the focus is still on them at night and draws your eye beyond, expanding your vista. 


Let’s design your dream home’s lighting scheme together

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