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Article: We're Moving!

We're Moving! Luxury Lighting Boutique

We're Moving!

As our highly valued customers, Luxury Lighting Boutique would like to let you know that our collection of high-end light fittings and chandeliers is moving to an exciting new location! Our new premises will be a short distance away at Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions Ltd, our highly esteemed sister company, at 1 Rodney Street, Canonmills. As the UK’s leading luxury lighting retailer, we remain as committed as ever to providing an exceptional service and bespoke lighting solutions to our customers.

Until the end of August 2023, we will continue to be based at our current premises at 17 NW Circus Place where customers can visit to receive a personalised experience with expert advice regarding their luxury lighting needs. Our products will then be displayed by Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions Ltd to ensure customers can see the quality of products provided by Luxury Lighting Boutique and purchases can be made through our online platform.

As a result of our relocation, we are holding a sale on our premium products on display at our showroom and are offering our loyal customers the chance to illuminate their home with our luxury lighting solutions at a discounted price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss discounts and potential complimentary installation for select product ranges.

For more information on the luxury products we currently have on display, visit here: Products – Luxury Lighting Boutique

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