5 Ways to Illuminate Your Home with Pantone's Colour of the Year 2021

Renown colour specialists Pantone recently announced their colour(s) of the year: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating (yellow). This marriage of colours significantly looks to express the message of strength and hopefulness - elements that are both essential to the human spirit during uncertain times. But what does this mean for our homes? It gives us the opportunity to rethink the atmosphere we provide in our safe havens, where we spend the time basking in happiness, overcoming challenges and supporting our loved ones.


Pantone's colours of the year 2021 - yellow and grey


Here are five ways that you can recreate the marriage of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in your own space and with your existing interiors. 


1. Brighten up your entrance

It’s the first thing that you see when you walk through your door. And the last thing you see before you leave your home. Even by using tints or visible shades of Ultimate Grey with whites, you can portray the feeling of hope. With the addition of a silver or stainless-lined chandelier with warm lighting, you will feel the welcoming and soothing of your home instantly. 

chandelier in stunning grey and neutral entrance hall

2. Quietly reassure in your own space

Using Ultimate grey as a subtle backdrop for your bedroom creates a calming and resilient environment which is key for resting. By pairing this with quiet notes of Illuminating yellow, it can help with positivity in the morning and ease before sleeping too. The key is to ensure your bedroom lighting matches this atmosphere. For example, we love the elegant Sasha Pendant by CTO Lighting that emits a warm, soft glow. This light has a strong presence yet soothing presence that will illuminate any room.


Sasha Pendant by CTO Lighting in a bedroom


3. Pairing the right furniture

However, you don’t have to buy Pantone coloured furniture to create a positive feel at home. Use inspiration from what your home already has. What key pieces of furniture do you love? Try to bring in the Ultimate Grey or Illuminating yellow through pieces that you can use to highlight your favourites. For example, do you have lighting with shades of grey? Does your table lamp give off shades of bright yellow? Play around with them and mix and match until it provides the strength and positivity you seek.

designer ceiling light in living room

4. Bring light into your dining conversations

They say the dining table provides the life of conversations. So let it shine. Find ways to bring more light and focus to the table, especially during dinner parties or even intimate occasions. Ultimate Grey is also a timeless neutral that never fails to add sophistication to any modern dining room. By adding an eye-catching light to match it with a mixture of gold tones, you have all the class and strength required to hold any special meal.

Vegas Chandelier by Masiero

5. Find your groove

Don’t stop there. Take a look at the sacred spaces you could create in your home that might offer a relaxing or brightening escape. What relaxes you or makes you feel positive, strong or resilient? If it is natural light, then try pairing it with your favourite armchair, and adding a signature light decor to offer a comfortable reading space for the calming evenings. 

Waterfall Chandelier by VILLA LUMI



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