Effective Lighting Design For Your Home [Scotsman Article]

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Often when people decorate the interior of their homes, they overlook the importance of good lighting.

Lighting can essentially be the make or break factor in a room.

You might sit there and think “Well it’s just lighting, it surely doesn’t make that big of a difference”. 

You would be surprised.

Imagine spending hundreds of your hard-earned money on beautiful interior furniture only to discover that the lighting in the room prevents you from even seeing it.

Or what about entering a room, only to be blinded by lighting which is far too intense?

Lighting makes a HUGE difference in your interior decorating efforts and should be given the same amount of attention as other pieces of furniture.

Whether this is a beautiful modern crystal chandelier or a gorgeous wall-mounted lamp, having good lighting can transform the look and feel of your entire home.

So as lighting design experts, we thought we would use our expertise to lend a helping hand and throw our knowledge into the mix. We recently teamed up with The Scotsman where we wanted to provide a simple, yet effective ‘how-to’ guide on how you as a homeowner can ensure you have magnificent lighting throughout your home.

Read our effective home lighting design guide which features in The Scotsman.