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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What size of chandelier do I need?

The first thing you need to check is the ceiling height. The dimensions given on our product pages are for the depth of the light fitting itself. Please allow an additional 200 mm for the ceiling cup and chain where applicable. As a general rule, the bottom of the chandelier should be around 2.5m above the floor unless it is directly above a table, such as in a dining room, where it can be 700 mm to 1 m above the table. Ensure that it is installed directly above the table and that the diameter is less than the width of the table.

If you have a low ceiling height you may wish to consider one of our flush mounted basket type chandeliers.

The correct diameter of the chandelier can be estimated from the dimensions of the room. If you take the length and breadth of the room in metres and add them together then multiply the sum by 8.3, this will give the diameter of the chandelier in cm. For example, a room 5m x 4m would give (5+4) x 8.3 = 74.7 say 75 cm. We can help with this calculation if you send us the dimensions.

Q. How soon will I receive my chandelier?

All our chandeliers are hand made to order in Europe. Lead times vary dependent on size and complexity and can vary from 4 to 10 weeks. Delivery time will be confirmed prior to order. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Will my chandelier arrive assembled ready for installation?

No. All our chandeliers come flat packed complete with the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly, however, we advise that assembly and installation is carried out by a qualified electrician with experience of installing chandeliers. At the Luxury Lighting Boutique, we have extensive experience in all aspects of installation and would be happy to provide a quotation for this service.

Q. What is crystal glass?

In the European Union, labeling of “crystal” products is regulated by Council Directive 69/493/EEC, which defines four categories, depending on the chemical composition and properties of the material. Only glass products containing at least 24% of lead oxide may be referred to as “lead crystal”. Products with less lead oxide, or glass products with other metal oxides used in place of lead oxide, must be labeled “crystallin” or “crystal glass. 

Q. Why use lead crystal?

The addition of lead to the glass greatly increases the refractive index and therefore the brilliance. The higher the lead oxide content, the higher the refractive index. The high refractive index gives increased dispersion of light which is the degree to which it separates the light into its’ component spectra, such as in a prism. In layman’s terms, light passing through the crystal separates into colours of the rainbow. The crystal cutting techniques exploit these properties to create a brilliant, sparkling effect as each cut facet reflects and transmits light through the object.

Q. How much does it cost for shipping?

Shipping cost is free and all our chandeliers, hall lanterns and ceiling lights and are fully insured against accidents whilst in transit.

Q. Can you recommend anyone for installation?

Our sister company, Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, can install your chandelier and we travel throughout the UK to do so. Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions has extensive experience of installing and repairing chandeliers in stately homes, large hotels and estates.



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