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Article: Top Tips for Chandelier Placement in Any Size Home

Top Tips for Chandelier Placement in Any Size Home Luxury Lighting Boutique

Top Tips for Chandelier Placement in Any Size Home

Chandeliers have long been associated with stately homes, grand mansions, five-star hotels, and Royal residences but you can bring the luxurious and elegant feel of a chandelier to any home. Nowadays, chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and budgets meaning almost anyone can have the ‘wow-factor’ effect of a chandelier within their home.

Here are our top tips for placing your stunning centrepiece chandelier in any sized living space.

 1: Make an Entrance

Your hallway is often the first room that visitors will see meaning this room will influence their first impression of your home. Your hallway should make a statement about the style, colours, and décor that will be present throughout your home and a truly eye-catching chandelier in this room will enhance the impact of this room to your visitors.

Make the most of a larger hallway space with a two- or three-tiered chandelier like the Clerius Crystal Glass Chandelier by Wranovsky or chandeliers with a more modern, unique look such as the Vegas Modern Chandelier by Masiero which will have jaws on the floor with it’s multiple cascading pendants and LED lights.

To make an impression with a smaller hallway space, use compact, single-tier chandeliers like the Glitter Ring Modern Glass Chandelier by Luchiante which will still pack a punch with its glistening crystal glass and unique shape. If space allows, pair with the Victory Rectangle Modern Glass Chandelier by Luchiante for a geometric theme to your hallway as seen below.

2: A Showcase on the Staircase

The staircase can often be a neglected area of the home when it comes to decoration but proper light placement in this space will draw visitor’s eyes to places in the home that they may not usually be interested in. To light a spiral staircase, suspend a multi-tiered chandelier from the ceiling to cascade down the middle of the stairwell, making an impact from both up and downstairs. The Empire XL Crystal Modern Chandelier by Luxxu is the perfect option for this.

For a smaller, more modest stairwell, you can’t go wrong with a traditional chandelier such as the Bonton 5 Light Crystal Chandelier by Wranovsky. The minimal lights will create a warm ambience in your stairwell while providing a contrast if you have a more modern styled space.

3: An Ambient Affair

The sitting room is where we tend to spend most of our time while we are at home, and some of us may even work from this space. You must create the right ambient atmosphere and the size of the space will depend on how you do this. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to elevate this space with a stunning centrepiece. The Lusitania Modern Glass Chandelier by Luchiante will make the perfect statement in a larger sitting room. This chandelier must be hung at least 7 ft off the ground if you are displaying it in a walking space as it’s long glass prisms could cause a few head bumps! However, a smaller chandelier could be hung above a coffee table to create the ideal ambience for kicking back and relaxing.

A smaller living space will benefit from a more understated fixture such as the Pendulum Modern Chandelier by Villa Lumi. This chandelier is most suited to a more modern, artistic, quirky home with it’s low-hanging circular pendants.

4: Dinner with an Atmosphere

Perhaps the most popular space to hang a chandelier in the home is the dining room. This is the space where we entertain guests for dinner, drinks, or even a party or more formal affair. With this in mind, it’s important to incorporate a chandelier in this area that will impress but also create the right warm, romantic atmosphere.

If there was ever a place in the home to hang a traditional chandelier, it’s your dining room! The Princesse Crystal Glass Chandelier by Wranovsky is the perfect, romantic traditional crystal arm chandelier which is sure to turn heads. Hang this over your dining table to cast a warm glow that will have your guests feeling relaxed no matter what the occasion.

5: Add some Romance to the Bedroom

While chandeliers are more often associated with hallways, staircases, and dining areas, you can also add a warm, romantic atmosphere to your bedroom with a chandelier. Depending on the size of the space, a chandelier can be hung from the ceiling in the centre of the room or alternatively, hung over the bed. A top tip for this is ensuring your chandelier matches the size of your bed and making sure you do not hang the fixture too low! Both traditional and modern chandeliers are appropriate for the bedroom, depending on how the space is decorated.

For smaller, quirkier styled spaces, the Dunkirk Modern Chandelier by Hudson Valley is perfect. With bedazzling crystal spheres at the end of each branch, this chandelier is both earthly and out of this world, almost emulating a firework exploding. This is sure to elevate any modern-styled bedroom.

A larger, vintage-styled bedroom with high ceilings will be complemented by a traditional crystal chandelier. The Zenith Crystal Glass Chandelier by Wranovsky is the perfect choice as it is grand enough to make a statement but not large enough to completely consume the bedroom space, highlighting other decorative features within the room. This chandelier will also add a pop of colour to the room with its blue crystal pendants, making it a truly unique fixture. Another top tip from us is to have a dimmer switch installed as no one wants a bright light in their relaxing and sleeping space!

We hope our top tips have inspired you to illuminate your home with a stunning traditional or modern chandelier. If you’re ready to purchase a chandelier for one, or all, of the rooms in your home, get in touch with us today and we will help you choose the perfect fixture for your requirements!

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