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Asfour Octagon Crystal Glass Pendant

Asfour Crystal is Egyptian crystal glass pieces, The company produces clear and coloured crystals used in lighting worldwide.  One purchase per pendant (aka, if you would like 2, then you'll need to order 2 on product page.

30cm long glass prisms. Shipped In Pieces 

Extra Small Product Specifications:

Length - 100cm

Height - 32cm

Depth - 10cm

Small Product Specifications:

Length - 120cm

Height - 32cm

Depth - 12cm

Medium Product Specifications:

Length - 140cm

Height - 32cm

Depth - 15cm

Large Product Specifications:

Length - 160cm

Height - 32cm

Depth - 15cm

Extra Large Product Specifications:

Length - 180cm

Height - 32cm

Depth - 15cm

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