Helvetia Modern Brass Chandelier [S/L] - [Brass] - Eichholtz


The enticing Helvetia Chandelier consists of two metal nine-sided polygons with integrated LED lights that form an ultra-stylish lampshade. Featuring an antique brass finish, the upper nonagon of this extraordinary luminaire shines outwards and the lower one shines inwards. Both light sources ensure pleasant, bright light and thus create a vivid atmosphere in the room. Due to the fastening with thin steel cables, the fixture almost seems to float. The polygons can be hung in any desired position by adjusting the length of the cables.

Product Specifications:

Width/Diameter -

[Small] - 60cm & 80cm

[Large] - 80cm & 120cm

Max Height - 

[Small] - 206cm

[Large] - 245cm

Weight -

[Small] - 24kg

[Large] - 13kg

Required Lamp - Integrated LED (Dimmable)

Shown In:

- Antique Brass Finish 

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